Strengthen your affiliate relationships with automated conversion approvals, payment scheduling, and save time with easy tax management.

Discover how Refersion Pay helps:

  • Timely and direct payments.
    Simplify your affiliate program with auto-approval of conversions and auto-payment scheduling.
  • Built-in tax management.
    Easily collect all of your affiliate W-9’s to generate, edit, approve, submit, and distribute 1099’s.
  • Stand out to premium publishers.
    Premium publishers prioritize working with brands that can guarantee regular, on-time commission payments.
  • Built-in hold period.
    Approve a commission when it comes in, but hold on payment until a certain date, in case any issues arise with that transaction.

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Introducing Refersion Pay!

Automate affiliate payments and streamline taxes.*

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Don't just take our word for it.  Hear what others say:

As we head into 2022, nothing is as important for E-Com Owners than having exceptional Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Platforms. Refersion’s new all in one software ‘Refersion Pay’ makes the payment and tax collection data seamless to manage and simple to integrate with Quicken for reporting purposes.

Jay Campbell, Co-Founder,

Refersion's new payment system time has been timely, easy to use and the reporting is incredibly efficient. The new version that rolled out to our accounting team is an incredible experience, easy navigation, and very user-friendly. We are excited to use the new system as we grow our partnership with Refersion.

Kimberly Gentle, Head of Accounts Receivable, UpSellit

Paying influencers on time, every time, is a critical part of the success of any influencer marketing strategy. Plus, automating payments with direct ACH transfers ensures predictable cash flow and savings on costly third party payment commissions.

Werner Geyser,  Founder and CEO of Influencer Marketing Hub, the world's #1 resource for influencers, agencies, and brands.

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Influencer and Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing channel for eCommerce. Brands can make $6.50 in sales for every $1 spent1 on their affiliate programs. 

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*Refersion Pay is available for Merchants that are US-based, registered in the US, and transact solely in USD.